A welcoming home restaurant in the heart of Sorrento,
where to taste traditional specialties in an oasis of tranquility


My name is Antonino.
I live in Sorrento, where I was born, but I have visited several countries around the world and from each of these I have taken away something that has enriched me.
In everyday life I am an engineer; I deal with energy and the best ways to save it and to protect the environment.
Two great passions, that of the kitchen and that of hospitality, were the force that pushed us to open our home to friends and to all guests who wish to spend a different evening in a familiar and cheerful atmosphere enjoying traditional dishes.
We must thank the many friends who pushed us to go into this adventure after they have been our guests for years and tasted our dishes.
We always prepare all the leavened products (Bread, brioches, panettone, babà, etc.) with our sourdough which is now 11 years old.
I inherited my passion for cooking from my mother. As a child I stood on a chair and watched her prepare many delicious dishes from our kitchen.
It is now forty years in which I have the pleasure of sharing that legacy and my new culinary experiences that I have collected and cultivated over the course of my life and my travels.
Many dishes are prepared with the products of my small garden where I produce vegetables and fruits. In any case, everything I prepare is done with healthy and genuine food. In fact, I think that we are what we eat and we have an obligation to eat only healthy foods. My house is located in the center of Sorrento, in a 16th century building that has its foundations no less than on a 1st century BC Roman aqueduct. which is still perfectly preserved. Behind my house there is my garden / vegetable garden where together with the flow-ers, as I said before, there are fruit trees and vegetables, particularly orange, lemon but also a cherry, medlar, pomegranates, tangerines, an almond tree, and a persimmon tree. With the citrus fruits of our garden Vera (my wife) produces, according to the ancient recipe of our family, the so-called rosolii, as limoncello, the orange and tangerine li-queur and also a mixed liqueur of all aromas.
When the weather is nice and the evening allows, we organize dinner in our garden where we have equipped a corner to be comfortable and enjoy our dishes.


From the balcony of our dining room, where we serve dinner in winter, it is possible to have a magnificent view of Piazza Tasso, the main square of Sorrento, while on the opposite side you can enjoy a relaxing dinner breathing in the fresh, clean air of our garden where in spring an incredible scent of orange blossom spreads. Precisely in these two places we like to offer specialties that are difficult to find in classic restaurants. Here you can taste linguine with swordfish and green chillies, or Garibaldi-style cod (just as the Hero of Two Worlds preferred it), or, depending on the season, aubergine parmigiana or even homemade cannelloni with "pettole" made like crepes. We can also prepare Pasta and Chickpeas with Clams and Taratufi, Pasta and Beans with mussels, Lasagne, Pasta and Potatoes with seafood, Gnocchi with seafood and many other specialities.
One of the strong dishes is the "Genovese" (which has nothing to do with the Ligurian capital), a white meat sauce with onions, carrots and celery, which seasons our potato gnocchi according to a recipe from my paternal grandmother.
There is something for all tastes: Caprese salad, hot octopus with potatoes, "Calamarata" (particularly shaped pasta with calamari sauce), spaghetti with "drowned" octopus, Montanare (small portions of pan-fried pizza dough with tomato and mozzarella), aubergine rolls and many other dishes.
Below you can find some examples of menus that we like to offer, but you can choose the dishes you want and compose your own menu.

Scent of our sea

    (A) Marinated fresh fishes with olive oil, orange juice and parsley and tomato bruschette
    (B) Salad of boiled Octopus with oil, garlic, olives, with some spices and tomato focaccia
    (C) Calamarata - Typical pasta ring shaped with calamari souce
    (D) Linguine with swordfish, tomatoes and green peppers
    (E) Pasta Garibaldi's style - Tubetti with Baccalà (codfish), tomato, parseley, onions, garlic, olives, raisin, toasted pine nuts and capers
    (F) Fresh fish cooked in the oven in a crust of salt
    (G) Eggplant parmigiana (eggplant with tomato and mozzarella)
    (H) Profitteroles - Small hollow pastry typically filled with cream and covered with chocolate or lemon sauce or cofee souce
    (I) Caprese - Traditional cake with chocolate and almonds (gluten free)
  • Drinks
    White wines of the Campania selection and water

  • Price 55€ per person all inclusive

Write for reservation reservation@sorrentosocialeating.it

bruschette calamarata calamarata codfish codfish babà linguine tubettoni
Sorrento tradition

  • Starters
    (A) Aubergine rolls and tomato focaccia
    (B) Marinated fresh fishes with olive oil, orange juice and parsley and tomato bruschette
  • Neapolitan "Cannelloni"
    (C) Minced meat, sausage and mozzarella wrapped in a delicate homemade pasta sheet.
    Seasoned with tomato and passed to the oven
  • My granmother's gnocchi
    (D)Potato gnocchi served with a veal gravy with onions, carrots and celery that cooks for 6 hours
  • Sweet moment
    (E) Fruit tart
    (F) Caprese
    (Traditional cake with chocolate and almonds)
    [*gluten free]
  • Drinks
    Red wine from south of Italy and water

  • Price 55€ per person all inclusive

Write for reservation reservation@sorrentosocialeating.it

A trip to Valencia

  • Starters
    Local salami, ham and mozzarella cheese, olives, tomato bruschette, cantaloupe melon
  • A touch of Spain
    (A) Paella Alicantina (mixed with meat, fish and vegetables)*
    (B) Paella Valenciana (with vegetables)*
    (C) Paella de marisco (with clams, mussels, octopus, shrimps and calamari)*
  • Surprise
    Caprese cake
    Chocolate flan
  • Drinks
    Sangria (or beer or wine) and water

  • *The entire menu is gluten free
    Price 60€ per person all inclusive

Write for reservation reservation@sorrentosocialeating.it

Hours & Infomation

    Our dinner service starts from 7.30pm and you can stay til 11pm
    We can serve from 2 to 8 people (in summer til 12, call for best price).

    My wife and I are at your disposal to give you more information about listed dishes, other available dishes, ingredients, allergens, particular requests and prices.
    It's necessary to reserve two days before because we use only fresh products.

    You can also have information about where to park and how to reach us by train.

    You can call at +39 335.1326206 (Vera) or +39 081.8771931
    We can also provide a private transfer from/to your hotel (not included in the price).



  • 1) CEREALS contenenti glutine come grano, segale, orzo avena, farro, kamut e i loro ceppi derivati e i prodotti derivati
  • 2) CRUSTACEANS and crustaceans products
  • 3) EGGS and eggs products
  • 4) FISH and fishes products
  • 5) PEANUTS and peanuts products
  • 6) SOY and soy products
  • 7) MILK and milk products (included lactose)
  • 8) NUT FRUIT such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and their products
  • 9) CELERY and celery products
  • 10) MUSTARD and mustard products
  • 11) SESAME SEEDS and sesame seeds products
  • 12) SULFUR DIOXIDE AND SULPHITES in concentrations higher than 10 mg/Kg or 10 mg/liter in terms of total sulfur dioxide
  • 13) LUPINS and lupins products
  • 14) MOLLUSCS and molluscs products